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I’m feeling a little bad about not updating my actual blog since Bloganuary. Today’s topic is to describe the best day of my life. That’s a loaded question and so, I will leave it at “Everyday is the best day of my life”.

In Grateful Dead circles, I may be mistaken but when asked what was your best show / concert? The answer should always be “the next one!”. Because every show is special to most Deadheads. I have had so many happy days blur into my life, how to single any out would be an enormous task. Two beautiful weddings, three healthy babies, endless days of fun with friends, family celebrations, I just can’t single out one particular day as the hands down happiest. Sorry, Bloganuarians!!!

Cheers to everyone! I can’t believe we are already half way through January. Those wondering, my dad is still home after 7 months of medical emergencies and hospitalizations. Mom says things are settling down and she is able to go back to some of her regular activities. There’s a caregiver in place to assist Dad and though he is housebound, his buddies have been going over to their condominium to hang out and watch football with him.

We made it through the storms without any flooding or damage to our house and property. The dogs weren’t happy but they did follow me out to check on my crystals.

The sparkles are insane when the sun comes out.
My fallen angel! This was the only strand of beads and crystals to snap! Several strands of crystals from the trees did come down. I tossed them back up into the branches and they remained there despite all the windy storms that blew through.
And now, the angel is back in place.
Desh shows no interest in the swimming pool and did his best to stay in the house while the rain poured. So, I was very surprised to find him playing in the waterfall . We don’t keep water or know how this waterfall works. That’s about 7 inches of rain water that he’s standing in.

If you’re here for embroidery 🧵, I have been making lots of little canvases in preparation for an online shop or just to have some ready for a street fair. I sold almost all of the little canvases last year and will return to the big canvases next month. Here’s some of the new small canvases below.

6×8 inches
One of a new series of 5x7inch faces. The brown eyed girls.

I’m adding charms to some of my new skulls . This is an 8×8 inch canvas.
Some of the 6×8 also have charms added

Thanks so much for following my blog. This month has been a daily challenge to put words together on subjects I don’t really write about and it’s messy because I don’t edit. This is basically, a stream of thoughts. I do go back and edit but not enough. Thanks for seeing beyond the bad punctuation, odd word order and comma mishaps!

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