As fun to make as it is to eat Bloganuary!

El Scotto with nephew John and cousin Josh, throwing together some pizzas at the Italian villa where went for niece Ashley & John’s wedding. That tiny house behind them is actually a huge pizza oven.

I liked cooking not every day but I felt competent at it. I did all the cooking through my first marriage which spanned about eight years or so. I was then a single mom for another two years before marrying Scotto. Scott’s parents owned a corner market in San Francisco before moving to the suburbs, where Scott was born. In the suburbs, they owned and ran a little grocery store nestled in a little shopping center in the little subdivision known as “Fiesta Gardens”. Scott’s dad let Scott order the candy and had him stock shelves and other jobs. As a result, Scott loves markets and cooking. His first employer after college was working for a Spice company and there he became even more interested in food and cooking. On our 2nd date, Scott asked if I would mind if we stopped at a supermarket to pick up some produce. From the get go, Scott did and still does all the food shopping. Eventually, he decided to do most of the cooking. Now, we have moved and been here for a few years, I still don’t know where he keeps anything.

Dessert is my favorite meal to prepare .

Turning back to today’s prompt, my favorite meal (meal?) to prepare is DESSERT. In college, I was the dessert chef at a crepe place and would arrive at 7AM to crack open dozens of eggs and make lbs of whipped cream. Around 20 years ago, I won a competition for creating a vegan dessert with Hot Sauce! My recipe was published in Chili Pepper Magazine. I know that I mentioned my cookie decorating career somewhere in one of these blogs. I decorated cookies professionally for a cookie company. I am just making sure whoever is reading this understands, I have skills. So I have a photo presentation of some stuff I have created for the sake of dessert.

I don’t remember what these cakes were for but I had fun with food coloring
I rainbowed everything, including these Hamentashen
Yes, rainbow pancakes. use Neon food coloring for maximum brightness. It’s worth the time it takes to find it.
The last time I went to London, I stayed near Covent Gardens and followed the after show people to PJs and ordered up some Sticky Toffee Pudding. I was nuts for the stuff. When I returned home, I hunted down sticky toffee sauce recipes. I even went to a local grocery store that carried double cream . I made gallons of sticky toffee sauce. I brought 40 tiny bottles to work for my coworkers.
My recipe in a National magazine and they misspelled my name. 😉
Some of my copper cookie cutter collection.
Scott gave me his favorite birthday cake recipe . I decorated it with an entire box of See’s chocolates (nuts & chews) using toothpicks to attach them.

So, those are the cakes, there is so much more and if you’re a regular blog reader here, I have my Chocolate Ice recipe somewhere in a Summer blog.

Iced by moi

Thanks for reading!

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