Yarns I love

I’m not extremely organized so, I’m adding my favorite yarns here.

Beautiful 2 toned purple color . Yummy


My main requirement in looking for yarns is that they will fit in the eye of my needles- I use Dritz European Darners . I love these needles for the size of the eye, the super sharp point and the strength of the needles. Some needles will warp from being used Or for the heat of your hand. Dritz are definitely the perfect choice to embroider on stretched canvas as I do.

Beautiful. Blue with pastel splatters
Dopamine by Madelinetosh is almost a perfect match to the Danube but actually Dopamine is more of an aqua color. This picture has both Lace and Sport weight versions of Dopamine.
Piedras by malabrigo is another favorite for all the forestry shades . I’ve used for skin tone . I always use it up and have to reorder!
Always need these! Little bits of shimmer wound with black thread and silk. Once was $11 a ball but now it’s half price at it’s website. I only wish they made more colors!
Yummy French toast is another blend of colors I tend to lean into.
A closer look at “French Toast”. Here you can see the “holo glitter” strands wrapped around the yarn. I love that! I try avoiding Madelinetosh because it’s pricy and they take forever to send out but I don’t know any other yarn source that offers their usual colors with or without special additions like that holo glitter or copper strands . So as I am typing this, I am in my second week waiting for “electric rainbow” to arrive. I know I’m terribly spoiled but must wait.
I thought I would go mad if it took another day to arrive!!! Off to finish a couple canvases that need this yarn “Electric Rainbow “ by Madelinetosh.
It’s Habu! Another hard to find and more colors please! Yarn. Despite bumpy texture, it stitches fine as long as you stitch slowly when using it. When I finally found a source, I bought a few balls of it.
It has very rich greens and ambers . Washted arco iris 866- here in DK weight

Yes, it’s yarn from a POSSUM! New Zealand yarn!
Brighter in 3d.
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