Stencils for the Garden

Now, that I have played with stencils, I was totally inspired to use stencils to add color to my garden. I found a great set of 30 plus Mandala stencils. Found on Amazon for about $11.00.

These are 6×6 inches and are reusable (plastic)

Also from Amazon is 60 wood panels which are also 6×6 inches.

I ordered 60 panels because that is what it will take to decorate my garden. I will also add larger panels that will not be stencils but something else.
Panel in progress!
So easy! And they don’t have to be perfect.
First 20, 40 to go!
Abe guards the panels.
I added a few layers of clear gloss to protect the panel from the elements.
The first five are in place. Fifty- five more to go!
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