One of the craft projects put out for the Art party was fairly easy and somewhat stress free for those less comfortable with designing or drawing .

Stencils!! Some people make their own but there’s a huge variety available online or at craft shops. I specifically looked for Mexican and Fall designs. There is also less sticky painter tape, which is how I adhere the stencils .
There’s all the craft paint, boxed and also some sponge brushes.
Here I first taped the stencil to black canvas and painted a blue background first.
Let background dry and then replace the stencil on canvas.
Now, tape stencil back into place and paint the stencil openings.
Pretty easy
A few more for my 2023 altar.
Sorry, the photo is a bit dark but here’s some results.

I used a few of the smaller stencils on a papier mache masks.
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