The Art 🎈 Party

Finally, all the clutter is hidden. Let the party start!
Papier-mâché masks, wood skull ornaments, black & white canvas boards and lazy Susans (so you can turn whatever is getting painted, without having to get paint smeared on fingers)
We were able to spaciously seat 8 crafters at the table and a few more were able to work on the coffee table.
Soapy water for cleaning paint brushes. A couple people ended up crafting here, the coffee table.
Lol, now I need to go bring back some of the clutter. I moved a lot of canvases to a spare room. They’ll stay there for awhile
Tidiest it’s been in about a year!

It started about month ago when Julia took me to hear some local live music. She is friends with many folks who live by me. We invited a few mutual friends and then added friends of hers that live near me. A super nice way to meet people.

Not everyone crafted at the same time as yard was comfortably warm and peaceful. Rus even went for a swim though the water is pretty chilly right now..
It seemed like everyone had some fun!
Some of what was created. Masks and canvases.
Paints and different types of brushes and a palette for everyone.
Tweezers, rhinestones and glue.
Stencils and painter’s tape to hold the stencils in place.

Everyone brought food (potluck). So much hummus lol! They also brought salads, bread, grilled meat, desserts!! Julia’s husband made a delicious veggie lasagna. We had coffee, waters, an array of sodas and beers.

Now, I am tired and will stop here but will be back soon , probably a Dia de Muertos post. I will set the shrine up a bit differently than before. Sadly, I will have to include Scott this time. 🥲

I ask you to send prayers or thoughts for 🌎 ☮️

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  1. Wonderful party ❤️

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