Falling Together

I know, I meant to return to stitching last week but the garden has been too exciting. I knew I might be able to handle simpler stuff like lavender, mint and geraniums but unsure about the rest. I bought an app that tells you what the plant is. Also, the app tells if the plant (you take a photo of it) is healthy and if not, how to help the plant. You put in your location and the app tells you when to fertilize and water. This is the best accessory that I have. Mostly, everything was healthy but several plants have been over watered. I guess I don’t need to be out there as much but now, I’m driven to get it going and make it special. Today is the first time in weeks that I haven’t been out there inspecting every leaf. I’m a little relieved that I don’t need to water so much. More time for me to organize for the craft-potluck party coming up next Saturday. I have canvas boards, masks, wood ornaments (skulls) and of course, small canvases for embroidery. I bought a bunch of stencils- mostly Dia de Muertes themes but also Fall themes. I have to wait to see what the weather will be like before I decide where to set up crafts. The party deck is covered but if it’s windy, not great for crafts. The studio may be too warm or crowded if the weather is hot. How lucky am I to have a choice?

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