September has been a busy time. I couldn’t settle down to embroider or write. Shpilkis is a Yiddish word for nerves. Every time I passed Scott’s garden, I got shpilkis that the weeds were taking over . Scott would be so unhappy with me for letting it go like that.
I finally acted and cleared the weeds and started setting up a garden that even a brown thumb like mine can handle. I love lavender so much that one entire section is already almost filled with Provence and French lavender(about 13 plants). On the bottom section I’m putting in mint and geraniums. I know mint will spread and spread. Flies, mosquitos, rodents all hate mint and that’s a plus for me. I’m no big fan of lizards but I like the little Western Fence lizards that are always scrambling around out there. They eat bugs and spiders. Helpful.

They discovered that there’s a nice view of the street from there. They’re not allowed in the rooms that overlook our street. They were quite entertained seeing neighbors walking and cars going by.
My new best friend. These Western Fence lizards eat bugs .

Catnip for Abe

Also, in the garden, I’ve put Strawberries, Basil, Catnip, Paprika, Thyme, Rosemary & chamomile. Some of the little flowers on the Strawberries are already forming into fruit. I’m very proud of getting around to doing something with Scott’s garden area. I’ve left the few plants that survived the Spring and Summer on their own. Swiss Chard, and mystery plants have popped up upon getting watered regularly. I don’t like gardening but I’m keen to make the area special.
Embroidering again! Just using needles I threaded back in February. Not as many hours in the day to work as much on embroidery as I used to. I am now taking on Scott’s chores- shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the yard. Scott also did the laundry. Scott loved being a homemaker in retirement. I loved it too- I had all that time to make art.

Going to finish this!
So pretty!

Do you remember a year ago when I wanted to have a craft party but the weather was storming and I ended up cancelling it? I’m giving it another go but the twist is my friend Julia is co hosting it. I’m supplying crafts in my studio and also opening the yard to schmooze (or swim if the weather abides). It’s all Julia’s friends who live here in Marin County. I only know a few but looking forward to making new friends. It will also be a potluck for munchies.
So, I’m back. Getting on with life though the sadness remains. I’ll be back soon with photos.
Thanks for checking in.

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