The Middle of the Month

Tomorrow is the day I wanted to get back to embroidering. It will be six months since my Husband died. I didn’t get my studio ready or anything but I will work on it tomorrow as a friend is coming to look over the art next week. So, there’s gonna be a delay in actually stitching. I’ve debated myself on ending this blog since my life has taken such a turn that the less demands on my time, the better. I do like having some record of what I do with my time, which is what the blog accomplishes and so I am back for today but sorry for those stumbling onto here looking for embroidering ideas. It may take a little longer before I begin again but I already have been thinking about what I’m going to create next.

The new thing I’ve been doing to try and get out of my misty sadness has been getting B12 shots at a local B12 clinic. The shot costs $60 and I get it in the rump. Within an hour I find myself not more energized like drinking a Gatorade but find myself more a lot more focused and the energy followed. I didn’t just sweep the corner where something dropped- but the whole downstairs got swept. Putting the dishes away, I think I should move the glasses to a handier spot and then half the kitchen is rearranged because of the focus. Let’s put it this way, I went to the fridge the morning after that first shot, wondering what to make for dinner. Upon opening the fridge, we’ll there’s a lasagna that I forgot I had already whipped up waiting for dryer to finish a cycle. The shot worked just as well the following week and now, I need to lose the fifty pounds I gained since Scott was hospitalized. The last shot helped a lot with focusing on cleaning up Scott’s garden and I finally had the focus to reattach all the hoses in my yard to facets instead of trying to reach everything with the only attached hose. Normal people take care of these things as they happen but I never said I was normal, now did I?

I felt too uncomfortable with myself to attend the Ted talks that I had bought myself tickets for. But when friend Julia invited me out to a concert on Tuesday, I accepted. Good thing I had that B12 shot that morning because I was on my feet dancing for hours. I was delighted the next morning to see a few lbs had dropped- a few returned today but I am already 5 lbs lighter. It was nice to see about hundred or more people around my age, enjoying the same music I do, getting out on a Tuesday. More men than women too. Julia knows everyone in this music circle and we have decided to cohost a crafting party at my house so I can meet some local people. I’m excited!

I use to love Jell-O shots but now, I’m into these kinds shots!
I’m going to put this back together this weekend! Promise!!
Bless his soul, after a over a year of incredible health challenges, Dad celebrated 85 years!!!

Thanks for reading along! Hope to return soon with something to tell you !

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  1. I really hope you keep up the blog, even if it’s not every week. I think it also helps people who are not only interested in your art, but who may also be grieving.

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