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My Aura Digital frame uses Bluetooth and plays photos, videos and music that is uploaded to an app.

I thought to show off one of three digital frames. The “Aura” above was a gift from my mom . I bought 2 other digital frames (Amazon about $70 each) that rely on usb stick instead of Bluetooth. I have the aura by Scott’s urn (actually just a wooden box that matches his dresser). One of the frames is on the mantle in the family room. I don’t know where to put the third one, it may get gifted out.

It’s been a quiet August. My first time out to a music show is coming up on Sunday. What would’ve been our 35th wedding anniversary is Monday. I hope I don’t get too sad.


This week’s excitement is that the handy guy added that light switch and fixed the issue with the deck lights

Look at all that light! It’s so well lit that we can swim after dark and spend more time outside.
And the broken screen door is fixed too.

I am happy to have a reliable handyman even though it can be a bit jarring when he calls “Hi, it’s Scotty here!”. Happily, like my Scotty, the handyman is a pet lover and isn’t bothered by Desh and Annie. I don’t have any more small things but there was/is that leaky window in the kitchen, probably should be resolved before the rains come back.

I’m slowly making progress in getting my studio together. My aim is to be back stitching in September. I’m turning over different ideas for what I want to stitch up. My passport finally arrived and if I again, get a canvas in the Artbox Venice Biennial, I will go there this time.

International kissing day in Venice, Italy 🇮🇹

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

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