The name of one of the message board groups I now follow is “Widows Rising”. There we cite the ways we are coming out of sadness and grief. Widows each come with individual stories but still there are loads of struggles we share. One struggle for me is trying to maintain that which we hadn’t maintained before. Scott was the grounded one, the one who planned, saved and managed. I have to manage all this stuff now.

I’m not in bed all day anymore but I rarely leave my house. Certainly, if not for having to feed the pets

In fear of breaking the new pool, I immediately reached out for Francisco to return since I know nothing about keeping up the pool.

In an effort to keep up with housework, I hired a nice lady from down my street to come by every other week to clean the bathrooms, kitchen and floors. So, no matter how lazy, crazy or sad I am, it won’t get too too bad.

My latest “hire” is a retired contractor who is going to fix my screen door (dogs broke it last year) and even better, fix the electrical outlet on the party deck and add a light switch to make it easy. Now, if I want to have fun poolside at night, there will finally be light. Been here 3 years and kept waiting on Scott to figure it out . To have it up and running makes me feel accomplished though all I did was make a call and write a check. I will say it feels good to have ✅ a thing done today instead of thinking about it.

In other news, while looking thru Amazon Deals for something, I saw a $39 air fryer. After asking my 608 Facebook friends what they thought about air fryers, I bought my bargain air fryer.

I enjoyed playing with this quite a lot. Made the spicy chickpeas and later, I will see how it works with chicken. I think the creativity is slinking back as my curiosity for playing around with this air fryer is filling my head with ideas. I’m working on cleaning up my studio this week and hoping to start stitching again by mid month .

Thanks for reading along!

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