Widow Wednesday

It’s been busy over here! I have been baking for weeks and finally ran out of space to hoard the ton of cookies made. I learned why my cookies kept spreading. It was the super slippery silicone mats. So, I switched to parchment paper. I never want to bake another cookie 🍪 ever again.

Sorry, I meant to write but only got that one paragraph 👆in before I heard water dripping. Turned out I had a huge puddle coming from under the sink in the kitchen! I clogged up the drippy part with towels and called the highest rated local plumbing company found on Next Door to come out. So, my kitchen is now updated with new pipes and hoses and a sparkling new garbage disposal. A

All the cookie baking for Scott’s celebration is officially finished ✅ My freezers and extra fridge are packed with cookies also the newer batches are In ziplock bags. My kids are coming over today and we will finish everything needed to do for this shindig. I have 20 platters, 4 chip & dip bowls, 400 compostable cups, 300 compostable plates, ten lbs of candy, 3 slideshow frames – filled with photos of Scott. 10 royal blue table cloths (my daughter has ten more but blue tie dyed- we have 20 tables rented) A sign in set , bags with pictures of Scott on them for people to take cookies and candy home me with . I still need to get flowers, chips and dips.

There’s several people who have asked to speak and our family friend Brian will play Scott’s favorite songs on guitar. The only thing missing will be dear Scott.

I apologize for missing Wednesday and for being short on time today but when I get back, I’ll let you know if it went off okay? Enjoy the weekend!

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