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Hello! Did you have a great 4th? I read a few of the widow pages on Facebook. It’s so sad. Some widows have been there for years! Many years. A few are there within days of losing their person. There’s so many stories and I look for any that resemble mine. The widows who experienced loss as I did (sudden, shocking ) the ones who were blindsided by news of terminal Cancer with everything going downhill at an astonishing rate. Scott only found out he had Cancer on Saturday. Four days later, he collapsed and died 90 minutes later. Harsh. Among the saddest moments was the one when Scott group texted his softball team to tell them they would need to find another pitcher. Non stop chiming from his phone after that, his teammates calling in their concerns.

Still pitching into his mid sixties!

So, hello July. The 3rd anniversary of the day we finally moved her had come and gone with the 4th of July weekend. Scott was only here for 2 years and 3 months. I can say, it was 2.3 years of true happiness as he had all the time and space to do things he loved to do.

I decided to pay off a few of his credit cards and for my first time, had to ask for access to our (now mine) annuities account. It felt weird but I don’t want to be managing credit card debt. When you pay it off you get a discount but when you pay every month, eventually you’ll pay so much more. The process to get the $ took about a week and it feels great.

Missing him so much but still feeling his presence.

The celebration of life update

I have a freezer filled with cookies!!’ I have 10 lbs of nostalgia candy from the 60’s to add to the sweets. After a lull in responses a surge of rsvps came in as well as people asking to come/to bring a friend . We are getting close 200 folks! I think it will be so nice. Our family friend is a musician and he will be playing for a little while. I sat down on the 4th (stayed home/was fine with it) and made a song list to play for the rest of the time. My daughter will get a QR scan thing of the songs (Spotify) so our guests can hear it after the celebration.

I guess this all I have for this week?

The rare unsmiling Scott .

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