Happy June

In my last blog, I told how I have no drive to create since Scott’s unforeseen death. That might’ve changed.

Among the changes I am making around the house, is buying a new bed for myself. The king sized mattress that I shared with Scott becomes more uncomfortable every night. I’m now sleeping on Scott’s side and Scott’s side sinks down to where I almost feel like I will roll right off the bed.

There’s a fraction of guilt for getting rid of this sacred place where we spent our nights and for weeks, days when Scott rested during the day. My side was bumpy and bad for my shoulder which still aches but never affected my stitching- different muscle set, I guess?

I took advantage of the Memorial Day sale and went ahead with buying a queen size bed with an adjustable frame which allows me via remote to control the frame. I can sit up in bed without a ton of pillows holding me up. There’s supposed to be a massage feature too. No beds however are installed yet. Our old mattress that I am still sleeping on, is in its usual place but on the floor as I was able to balance the mattress against the wall and remove the platform myself. I did these wondrous lifting Maneuvers on the morning my bed was due. The bed wasn’t delivered that day, so I threw the mattress on the floor. The bed did arrive a day later but without anyone to set it up. My kids managed to drag the mattress up but the adjustable frame is too heavy and so sits downstairs until I find who can bring it upstairs. Now, my bedroom is a disaster again and I will need to clear it out before I allow any humans inside.

So, I am back sleeping hippy style like when I was a hippy loving teenager, the mattress rested on the floor. Lots harder to get out of now and I bet I look rather silly crawling out of it.

Back to want to create something, I decided that a blanket ought to be made of Scott’s tie dye tees. I saw companies online that offer to do this. But, it’s not a difficult job and I own sewing machines and have a whole studio and so, I sent away for a kit with instructions and will do this myself.

My studio is very messed up right now so it will be awhile before I can start this.

I at least need to get my bed frame upstairs and the old bed out.

In other news, we are sending out the evites to Scott’s celebration of life. We have sent about 200 evites out since Sunday and it already looks like half have responded with over 85 yeses!! Until July 17th, this will be my area of focus while I’m still figuring out bills and stuff.

Today, if I ever get out of bed, I’m going to send an entry to the de Young of the only page bring I’ve made recently. Hope it gets in though my strength is with mixed medium. Wish me luck!

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