Not back to stitching yet.

It’s been three weeks since my sweet husband died and while he is missed beyond words, I must express how wonderful everyone has been to us. There are cards and donations made in his honor to nonprofits pouring in . We received a humbling amount of contributions to doordash and homemade foods delivered. Our favorite musicians heard that we had to cancel our tickets to their concert and sent me livestream so I could still watch and listen and I have, which was lovely and brought back so many memories.

Everyone asks how I’m doing and I’m still just numb and stunned by the sudden loss and sad when I think how scary it was for Scott to have his last thoughts being about how he had an impossible battle with metastatic cancer ahead of him. Scott was always an upbeat person and the one to bring you food or whatever you needed if you were sick or troubled.

The pups are so confused. They have become very clingy. Abe the cat, spent the first week after our loss, demanding that we open every door, cupboard closet and drawer to look for Scott. When he couldn’t find Scott, he broke Scott’s big rule and jumped up onto the kitchen counter and meowed loudly! Maybe he expected Scott would appear to chase him off?

My studio is still in disarray from the night we moved a guest room bed downstairs in hopes that we would get to bring Scott home, thinking the stairs would be too daunting for him to climb. The kids sadly got together and took the bed back to the guest room in time for when my older son came in from New York. When we purchased this house, I was excited about having 5 bedrooms in the hope that all my children could visit at the same time and have their own space. I never thought it would be needed for this sad occasion.

I think that is all I can write for now. I don’t know when I’ll be back stitching or exhibiting but I’m keeping the blog online for now.

Thanks for coming by🌹

My sweetheart back in 1993.
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2 thoughts on “Not back to stitching yet.

  1. I’m so sorry; my thoughts and prayers are with you…and I can’t imagine…..thanks for sharing such a hard thing….

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Whatever I say is woefully inadequate but my thoughts are with you.

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