It’s Other Things for a While

Hello Yarn Lovers, Art fans and Blog Readers,
I am so sad to share the news that my adorable husband died last week of heart failure. You may recall that he wasn’t feeling well and expected the ill feelings- fatigue, nausea and slight belly ache had been plaguing him for a while but he stoically refused to go to Urgent Care or the ER. He had faith that whatever was ailing him would be revealed at what was his upcoming Docter’s appointment on March 17. Scott was certain it would be something to do with his Diabetes. We made this appointment way back in January!!
On March 11th, we went to the lab for Scott to get some blood work done for the would be, upcoming appointment. Since the ER was right there, Scott agreed to go. Once there, the ER doctor noticed Scott’s wan appearance and bloated belly and ordered a cat scan. The scan revealed a lot of cancerous tumors and lesions and so, they checked Scott into the hospital for a liver biopsy and a procedure to drain all the fluids that were in his bloated belly.
We still hadnt received the biopsy results on Thursday, March 16th. Scott’s health had rapidly declined andhe experienced heart failure and I had to let him go.
Everyone has been super supportive this past week. My children are all adults and are staying with me, getting me through all the things that must be done. Scott was a nice guy and had many friends and lots of family and all these people have offered to help. I could write an entire blog on the food that has been sent to us.
I’m absolutely in disbelief and keep making mental notes to tell him stuff. I know at some point, a tsunami of grief will hit, but right now, we are taking care of financial stuff. It took days of going through Scott’s papers to find our will. Anyhow, I dont know when I will be back to talk about art or yarn. I my just close this down and blog about grief and becoming a widow unexpectantly. Writing oddly seems to help as I journaled to get me thru the hospital daze.
Take Care.

Scott at one of my art shows, November 2022.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Other Things for a While

  1. Kelli Jane Thomas March 24, 2023 — 12:41 pm

    I’m heartsick to read this.
    I’m sending my love- peace and love.

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