Pain, Bumpy Yarn and Patience

The twinge in my right shoulder has become a big pain. I am right handed (oddly, all my best friends are left handed) and while I do have huge callouses on my palm and fingers from stitching, none of these issues have been a problem while I’m stitching. However, the pain in my shoulder has gotten more noticeable after last week’s stitching with the bumpy Eros yarn. So, I’m taking a few days off from stitching. I have been stitching from around 8 AM until around 6PM lately, and maybe it’s just too much stitching with textured yarn. I’ve self prescribed a rest from drawing, hand writing and crafts. I’m on the ibuprofen until I get a hold of aspirin or some anti inflammatory stuff. I’m using my heating pad and my sharper image back massage thingy to loosen the muscles up. It seems to help.

One of those drowsy drizzle days .

Of course, husband Scott is still waiting for tests to determine what’s going on with his deteriorating health. It’s a difficult thing to watch as he is getting thin, staying in bed most of the time and getting a little depressed waiting for tests, diagnosis and treatment. There’s also some stereotypical sick guy grumpiness that one can live without. On the other hand, my dad who has all kinds of health issues has actually been recovering ❤️‍🩹 and in good spirits. I’m feeling so blessed.

I was enjoying the stitching last week and not enjoying having to interrupt my last work in progress to heal my shoulder, though the “hair” on this subject is all that bumpy Eros yarn. It took 4 balls of that stuff to make the hair

Last time I blogged
No wonder my shoulder is on fiyo! In using bumpy textured yarn, I move slowly and stitch “harder” to get the bumpy yarn through the canvas or the canvas will tear. I think I went too hard and ought to have taken breaks. Canvas is “24 x 36”
I’m dying to get back to stitching on this canvas…

I’m still waiting to report on my Temu yarn. I was notified that my orders (I went back and ordered crystal beads from them) are on the way. They furnished tracking information and I am looking forward to seeing the quality of the yarn coming. The website has all kinds of schlocky stuff and in most cases, very low prices. They crystal beads look exactly like what I have purchased from Amazon, Michael’s and Fire Mountain gems, at much lower prices. Again, I remind you that they offer free shipping but you must spend $10.00 on merchandise. Also, in every case, the shipping takes between 10-21 days which they announce multiple times. I’m experimenting with them so I can wait.

No stringing crystals for a few days. Waiting for them to arrive next week.
I’m learning to take breaks from stitching. Especially when bumpy yarn is involved!
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  1. Hope your shoulder recovers soon 😘

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