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I’m just back to show my finished projects that I used the Eros yarn . I normally would never use it for stitching but when someone gifts over 60 balls of the stuff, ya gotta try to see if it will work.

Eros yarn stash

If you’re familiar with my book and my blogs about yarn, you already know how much I am discouraged by bumpy textured yarns that don’t fit in needles or rip up the canvas as you stitch.

Eros yarn is acrylic but a little stretchy and it’s flat but wide with thicker texture where the ladder like filling is. It somehow does fit into my widest eyed darner needles. Stitching much slower than usual does keep the yarn from ripping. So be mindfully slow if you’re going to stitch on canvas with it.

A closer look.

On to the two of three canvases I have been used Eros for.


Marie and Maria are both 16×20 inches. I ordered larger canvases to add them to, but changed my mind and I like them as they look on these canvases. I was ready to scrap Marie when her mulberry paper “skin” started to buckle from the glue I used. Note to self to patiently test these things out before using on actual art. Anyhow, the now textured face works better with all that textured background.

I’m still working on the third lady because she is on a larger canvas (24x?) But I’m only using Eros yarns for her hair.

Now, you know I love to buy yarn and the next yarn expected I ordered from this new to me company that is all over Facebook with super cheap prices. Temu is the name and I did poke around Google to see what the deal is with them and it seems they’re legitimate and have high approval ratings from customers. I got the app and started scrolling around the yarn department. I ordered about $23 of yarn. I will do a blog on what happens next but one sweet feature is the shipping is free! Of course, the free shipping coincides with the fact that it will take a week or two or three before it will arrive. They tell you that right upfront. I’ll review my haul (deals! Let’s see what $23 of yarn amounts to).

That’s what I have for today! Thanks for checking this old blog out!

Everyone loves a little sunshine after so much rain, including Abe.
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