Winter is here

I don’t know where the time goes? It’s been a little over a week since I last blogged.

That’s snow where there usually there’s no snow. The hills of Sonoma County! Another weird weather event going on here in California.

I was unable to make it to North Beach for my art reception but from photos being posted, it was quite a crowd for a stormy night!

The orange blob hanging on the right wall is my “Kaleidoscope Girl”.

The art walk in North Beach is coming up soon but I’m probably gonna be home. The news is that my husband is going through something with his health and is easily fatigued among other troubling symptoms. The walk around the city as short as it was, really wiped him out. Until we know more (tests are scheduled) we’ll be staying home. I’m still barely driving and don’t really know anyone around here well enough to take me to the city. I don’t know about entering any more art shows until Hunny gets diagnosed/treated. This is no fun….However, I continue to make art.

I was dying to get into some of that Eros yarn that friend Victor gave me (over 60 balls of the stuff, in many colors) . I thought I would transfer her to a larger canvas but decided to stay on the 16×20 inch canvas. I just need a name for her.
I started her. Instead of stitching in her face I collaged it but it didn’t transfer as well as I wanted it to when I added to a larger canvas.
After investing so much time stitching that hair, I can’t give up on her, though the face didn’t transfer very nicely. I will stitch in some background and see how that goes.
Then, there’s her. Before I added her face to a larger canvas, I evened out the 👀 s.
Now on her final canvas, I am adding more hair length.

So, I’ll be in my spot in my studio stitching away and waiting for the weather and my husband’s to stabilize for the time being. Before I end today’s blog, I’ll post some links to further entertain you!

Shannon Knowlton is another artist who stitches!! Her work is fun, interesting and beautiful! Though we’ve never met, Shannon was kind enough to send me a picture of “Kaleidoscope Girl” on the wall of Live Worms Gallery because I didn’t get to the art show. Shannon also had works up there too!!

The other link is to show you the work of the amazing Ruth Miller (deceased) Please take a look!

The doggies got out for a bit of fun

Desh and Annie between rainstorms.
Abe seeks peace from playful pups in a guest room.

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