Checking in from North Beach, San Francisco

We know that we are almost there when we see the top of the pyramid building. I know the pyramid building has a name but I always called it the pyramid building and still do. Obviously lol.

The husband has not been feeling well and I was worried about being able to drop off a canvas in San Francisco. He rallied and we made it to the Live Worms Gallery in perfect time to hand over my “Kaleidoscope Girl” to Elizabeth and company. I’m one of 30 artists adding art for this show. I have shown art in North Beach before at the Mejia Gallery- which had been a few doors down from Live Worms Gallery but there’s no sign of what happened to the Mejia Gallery as it’s a different business in that spot. I’m always thrilled to have art on display but I’m super duper Uber excited to be displayed in this fun, touristy part of the city.

The view of Grant at Green streets from the gallery. Famous Beatnik hub, Caffe Trieste remains on the corner. Best latte in the city.
Very quiet morning on Columbus Street. This is our “ Little Italy”.
Standing in this spot, I’m still in little Italy, but I can see Chinatown on the right, back a few blocks and I can also see a bit of our “financial area”, marked by the pyramid building on the left. When my kids were small, we would often ride into the city with Scott and while he was working, the kids and I trekked around San Francisco. This area was a Bart ride and a fun walk but knowing pizza, gelato and watching international tourists was so worth it.
So happy Mara’s was open! Yum, I bought a cannoli, Scott got a raspberry ring pastry.

In my day, North Beach was the busiest place to be any night of the week. I have great memories of partying with Van Morrison and friends At Calzones, Another time, watching Chris Isaaks film his “San Francisco Days” music videos outside the Stinking Rose (the original Stinking Rose!). One time, Wavy Gravy (famous Hippie clown around here) stole A cannoli from my plate as he sauntered by my outside table at Mara’s (reknown Italian pastry spot ). There’s the night we followed Kenny Brooks (sax player from a favorite band) from his gig at Pearl’s nightclub, up the street and around the corner into the Saloon-which is the oldest bar in San Francisco. Playing his sax the whole way there.

Oldest Saloon in the city. On Grant street, a block or two away from the gallery.
Another North Beach neighborhood adjacent to the Italian area is “Broadway”. Broadway is the hub of naughty entertainment for San Francisco or it was? I’m not as familiar as some regarding this stuff. In the day, there were nightclubs and comedy shows. It was a thing to drive down Broadway and honk. I’m old now and rarely get over to Broadway. Heck, these days, I rarely get to San Francisco at all. Waaagh.
Woohoo! Back to showing in North Beach! It was a bucket list art goal for me that I met back in 2015. I’m stoked to be back!

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back soon with my current work in progress using up some of that Eros thread/yarn that was gifted to me in December.

Kaleidoscope Girl available at Live Worms Gallery on Grant Street in North Beach, San Francisco.
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