10 fabulous femmes Musician Edition

Scott’s choice, #BonnieRaitt
Noah’s choice! #KarenCarpenter. The “hair” is the Malabrigo “Eggplant” yarn that I bought last week at Dharma Trading Company. Looks brown but is a very deep purple.

Hello Hello Hellllllloooo! I’m finished with my series of 10 Fab Femmes. Above are the last two embroideries in my series. Scott chose Bonnie and our son, chose Karen Carpenter! I asked around and found out that Karen is extremely popular among musicians for her drumming skills.

Something new!

I was stuck for a hair colors for Barbra and Joni. I still had a tiny amount of Katia’s sand colored yarn. I thought it was a good choice.

The hair is laceweight Sand by Katia. Very smooth and luminous like how Babs likes.
The background is the gray stonewashed Keepjes yarn.

I was looking up yarns for Joni and I wanted blonde and brown streaks as photos showed Joni’s hair to look during her active years. I don’t remember where I saw Wolle’s Yarn Creations, but that is where I found the most interesting yarn called “Sand Dunes” to use for Joni.

My Wolles yarn arrived on time and in a box! Some candy included!
Joni, I have added a skate and a cloud since I took this photo. Can you name the songs which inspired the charms on her canvas?
First look
A closer look reveals that there are many fibers and gradient colors , peachy to sandy brown.
I’m in love. These slender strands easily fit in my needles and if I use a needle with a small eye, I can easily pull a single strand out.

I did mix in some soft yellow crochet thread where the light might’ve shown on Joni’s head but the rest is this fun yarn. I really love the gradient shades . For the peachy tones, I took threads from one side and for the darker shades, I took threads from the other side. I’ve used thread from both sides now and win or lose, I still somehow… sorry, caught up in lyrics from these Divas!

I’m going to go back and check out what else is up. I’m excited! Check it out @ http://wollesyarncreations.com

As you may guess, I have a bunch of yarn to put away and then, I need to prepare my Kaleidoscope Girl canvas to bring to the gallery in North Beach, San Francisco.

Cheers! I’ll be back soon!

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