Cher-ing and Scheepjes yarn


I am just about done with my Cher portrait. I have been unconsciously drawing Cher’s features forever but just realized it while I was sketching her out. The large eyes and eye sockets, the long nose, curved lips, the oval face and of course, those cheekbones.

I am going to add something more, not sure what? Maybe some cool ribbon over the pink yarn?

I haven’t chosen my next diva but there’s many left to choose from. I will do some research on my favorites (YouTube listening has been very fun!).

Some yarn came in the mail, here goes

I had to get it! It will be interesting to use for my skulls.
In complete darkness and after only “charging “ for a few minutes. It does indeed glow in the dark🤩
I ordered too hastily and my neutral colors are not solid but have the stonewashed look. How will they feel???
The feel is very soft and the photo doesn’t justify the brighter color of the stone washed.

Thanks for reading! I am going to be listening all day to my YouTube for inspiration for deciding which will be the next diva Portraits. I’m waiting on canvas too!

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