Happy February! Portrait Season


I’m back at regular blogging. I just finished my third portrait and it appears that the 2023 fantastic femmes portraits are all going to be musicians. Dolly and Amy are already in the small canvas/portrait gallery page in this website. I just added the Queen of Soul a little while ago.

Ms Aretha Franklin!!!

I admit that I had some trouble choosing which era to draw from. I was just not getting it when I was trying to do a younger, slimmer, prettier image of her but she was not recognizable. Maybe it was a divine intervention ? Maybe 🤔 Aretha wanted to be displayed in her power, at the top of her amazing career? I agreed and broke out my glitzy threads and I think she, wherever she is, is happier with me for doing so.

Here’s all the threads and yarns that were used for Aretha. There’s my box of charms where I was able to find her crown.
If you were reading my December blog posts, you’d recall that a friend bequeathed me a ton of Eros yarn . I loved the sparkly black with a little silver and used it for Aretha’s “hair”. I don’t enjoy too much texture on yarn but this yarn/thread is slinky and when used with a larger eye needle, works great. Didn’t rip up the canvas as lots of textured thread/yarn often does.

My studio is a total mess and company is coming by this weekend. I’m cleaning it all up and hopefully will soon be starting my next fabulous femme. Im also hoping to get out to a town with some yarn, decorative paper and fabric shops to choose some fun stuff for the portrait series.

So, that is what is up for the near future. I am waiting on a yarn that I kept seeing in ads made by Scheepjes. I’m guessing,based on the website, that it is a Dutch company? Not sure? I just

ordered a few balls of neutral colors- thinking hair colors. What I would like to find is some skin shades in soft yarn.

My first art show for 2023 is coming up!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This brings memories back. Anita

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