Sun sets on Bloganuary

I’m up early, in fact, the sun hasn’t even risen yet. Today‘s prompt asks where the best place to watch the sunset near me.

I’m early! Not sunset but it’s a sunrise from my backyard, looking at the sun going thru the windows of a guest room in the house. Well, I thought it was a fun picture.
Not a sunset but I am a lover of light and here was the first crystal installation I created for my yard . It was torn up when a huge branch crashed onto it. I’ve rebuilt the whole thing . The ultimate sun catcher.


More Novato sunshine
The view West from the end of my street promises a memorable sunset but I still haven’t been up to watch.
The best and nearest place that I have watched the sun set was from my own backyard. At the top of my hilly yard is a little deck where the previous home owners would watch the sunset over the bay, which is viewable from parts of the yard and house.

I guess this is a wrap on the Bloganuary 2023, then? Thanks for reading along and I have enjoyed reading the blogs from other participants. I regularly blog on art projects, exhibiting and materials I use like yarn. Notes on life, pets and travels also seep in.

Back to my regular schedule, it’s the time of year when I do portraits. Last week was Dolly Parton and this week it’s Amy Winehouse. Starting on Aretha later this morning. Imagiknit yarn shop in the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco is where I display these portraits . There’s a portrait page on my menu here to see.

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5 thoughts on “Sun sets on Bloganuary

  1. Thanks for liking my post about the Birthday Cakes; there were so many! I haven’t seen really good embroidery since I saw my Grandma do it years ago while I would play with her “blingy” jerwelry while sitting on her Murphy bed in her little apartment downtown Mpls.

  2. That is so sweet!! Thanks! I’m enjoying your blog as well!!

  3. I’m really pleased I discovered your blog as a result of Bloganuary!

  4. Thanks so much for reading it.
    LOL, now back to yarns and art exhibits!

  5. Kelli Jane Thomas January 31, 2023 — 9:19 am

    Thanks for blogging the month of January!
    I’ve loved it! ♥️

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