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What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?


First of all, I don’t think I would be writing an autobiography in chapters. It would be a collection of essays not unlike a blog. But, since it’s one of the last Bloganuary queries, I’ll give it a go.

Chapter 1, Rags to Riches”

Chapter 2, “ Settling “

Chapter 3, “Restart”

Chapter 4. “ A New Identity “

Chapter 5. “ Running with the Pack”

Chapter 6. “Insides Out”

Chapter 7. “ The Great Freedom “

Okay, I did it! Mostly, feel like it’s been a good but mundane life which is why I wouldn’t want to bore my own self or a reader to death writing about it. We all have our struggles and strengths and mostly, we are all heroes for getting ourselves and our dependents from one month to another. I look back on 64 years and there’s some great stories that happened to me that I do like sharing and many do come out in the blog.

In other news, since I will take a few days off after Bloganuary ends, I’m excited to be displaying one of my canvases in show at Live Worms Gallery in February!!! My 2nd time exhibiting in North Beach. Coit Tower, The Beat Museum and City Lights bookstore are all there. Caffe Trieste is on the corner of Grant Avenue and the Saloon , the oldest bar in SF is also right by the gallery.

The gallery is in the heart of North Beach on Grant Ave. North Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in San Francisco.

I have shown artwork before, at a different gallery, just a few doors away from Live Worms Gallery and it was such a lively fun reception that I am even so much more stoked to be showing there.

Kaleidoscope , 30”x30”, embroidery on stretched canvas with mirrors & aluminum

Wishing everyone a wonderful Monday!

See you tomorrow for the end of Bloganuary!

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