Bloganuary. It’s all my fault

The perfect birthday cake as a blog topic makes me think that whoever is making up these prompts has been looking at my birthday 🥳 cake blogs here! I‘ll explain and there will be pictures and video, so you may like to read with a coffee or cuppa tea to drown away the sugar, cream & butter that’s coming up.

My husband Scott on the right with his chocolate chip and cocoa order. That huge canister is filled with only cocoa powder. On the left is how Scott buys sugars and flour

My birthday is 12/31. It’s the last day of the year and we either are celebrating at a concert 🎶 or just enjoying being home away from the crazies. Either way, there is the annual BIRTHDAY CAKE challenge. This is when after Scott and I have watched all the Fall and Holiday Baking shows and I decide what cake I want him to create for me.

One of the first cake challenges was this Baked Alaska. Before we moved to Marin.
You can’t tell but it’s a pink champagne cheesecake and it was incredible. Very slightly pink.
The Croquembouche ! Not so much a cake but a tower of cream puffs. The tower fell…..right into my mouth it did!!

I’m going to refill my coffee cup because there’s video too.

Another year I asked for this chocolate and espresso cake.
Not to be confused with this Mile High Peppermint Hot Chocolate cake. Made with candy canes.
If you can see yourself in the Mirror Glaze, then you nailed it. Princess Cakes don’t usually have a “Mirrored Glaze” but I asked him to add it.
Princess cake for Princess I! I asked for a Lemony not Raspberry (traditional ) cake and there are layers of homemade lemon curd, whipping cream and fondant under the mirror glaze.

As for the perfect birthday cake, there’s only one ingredient that must never change and that’s the love in the making. Yeesh, so sweet I need a third cup of coffee, now.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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