Bloganuary pros & con of procrastination

I go both ways when it comes to procrastination. I’m currently deciding on when I will research and purchase gifts for Valentines 💘 Day. I’m feeling very together in watching the calendar and not waiting til the last minute. Since the valentines will be bought online, there’s delivery dates to consider. I tried to get online yesterday and find stuff but I then remembered some other things I need and lost my urge to get the valentines ordered.

So, now I’m scrolling around and seeing too many choices and can’t decide and instead, end up here blogging about procrastination while actually procrastinating. I’m saying the con of procrastination in this situation is losing out on choices and not getting the stuff out on time, which will disappoint everyone but mostly, me with the failed good intentions. The pro of procrastination here ,is that after I sign out ,that I may find just exactly perfect Valentines that will go over well with the recipients. Mebbe, all the delays were so I would stumble on unique, wonderful ideas for valentines that would be in my price range and bring smiles. Well, you know despite my Eeyore exterior, I’m an Uber optimist.

I promise today that I will at least get one Valentine in the works !!! Thanks for coming by!

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2 thoughts on “Bloganuary pros & con of procrastination

  1. 😆, Thanks!!! I found something for my kids but still deciding on something for Scotto.

  2. Checking in to make sure you ordered that Valentine 😉

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