Bloganuary Still Jane, always Jane. Jane Jane Jane’

Jane Austen is my favorite author. My favorite book is “Persuasion”.

I’m breezing through this blog with visuals because I’m lazy and it’s Saturday.
It’s not only me who favors Jane.
Perfect opening paragraphs
Anonymous or by a Lady was how she was published back then.

I could go on and on and on with the quotes but I recommend if you never looked at anything by Jane, but liked these quotes that you get to reading. My first Jane Austen book that I read was Emma. It was my favorite until Pride and Prejudice but it was Persuasion that rules over the others.

Have a great Saturday

Dreamer by me, embroidery on canvas with fabric & papers

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5 thoughts on “Bloganuary Still Jane, always Jane. Jane Jane Jane’

  1. I am loving your Bloganuary, Irene! Thank you for taking the time to entertain us:)

  2. Thanks for reading!! I love all the film versions (maybe just not the Dakota Johnson Persuasion) and for months I kept reading books based on Jane’s books. Books like “Definitely Not Mr Darcey” and “Death Comes To Pemberly”.

  3. Thanks for sharing this about Jane Austen..let’s follow our blogs. Anita

  4. YES! Jane Austen has been one of my favorites for years–multiple copies of the BBC Pride and Prejudice dvds live in my home as well as her well-worn books – so full of insights into life and people (including me) and the simple joy of exploring another time . . . thanks for sharing–LOVE it!

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