Bloganuary- A little too much…

We didn’t mean to end up in our current town but we had sold our home during the covid peak in 2020 and had a limited choice of available homes to look at. We weren’t even thinking about a swimming pool. Our first choice place was a large property by the coast in Half Moon Bay. That didn’t work out, our next ideal home would be in the woods of Marin- Fairfax, Woodacre, Nicasio or Lagunitas- very gnome like woods with redwoods and forest views and we did try to go see these places but in every instance, there would be terrible one way streets or no where to park a car. Faced with almost no choices that suited us, we expanded our search to just about anyplace left in the Bay Area.

Villa life

I didn’t expect to like this tract house (ew, neighbors! I had a crazy neighbor for a few years in a different house)but this house, with Studio space right by the front door, I had to see it. The former owner had a custom drapery business in the studio space where I actually sit and embroider all day.

It wasn’t the studio , but the yard that won us over. The previous Summer we spent a week at a villa by Rome. Instead of poking around Rome, I kept choosing to just flop by the pool and hang out with whatever family was hanging at the villa. I had been to Rome a few times before and it was really warming up (anyone recall the horrific heatwave that hit Rome that Summer of 2019? Really bad). I loved the relaxed lifestyle of the villa. Scott was in heaven as he and his cousin Josh and new nephew via marriage John decided to take on the cooking for everyone.

It was the yard.

This house was decorated by someone who loved Italy. The colors and pool and marble touches reminded us of the week in Italy and we were thrilled to win a bidding war and claim the place.

Now, the Bloganuary asks us Bloggers what irritates us about our homes? Well, we have replaced every appliance except the stove and had the liner pool recreated with fiberglass . There nothing major that needs to be done after we remove the carpet and replace it with flooring.

But that isn’t irritating, Want to see what’s irritating?

Why? It’s beyond quirky! That window looks out from my bedroom and the view is just the other side of the hallway. The marbled panel is one of several placed weirdly around the house.

I’m not sure how to fix that window or how to move away the random marble insets, so I guess we’re just going to have to live with it. In the greater scheme of things, had that Half Moon Bay house that I had wished so hard for, we would be in big trouble right now as the road/highway where it’s located is going to be closed for months because of a massive sinkhole and it will take emergency services over an hour to get there. Some of the communities, where my longed for mountain houses were, are by mudslides and fallen trees-all due to the past weeks of rains. But, here on the tract, we didn’t flood, lose power, our new drain kept the pool from overflowing. I guess having a window to my hallway isn’t the worst thing ever.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy your weekend.

PostScript, Sadly, yes the Half Moon Bay mentioned above was the scene of a mass shooting 7 dead, 1 injured that happened on January 23rd (yesterday).The location of the shooting on San Mateo Rd, otherwise known as Hwy 92, is the same road where the home we wanted next door to the pumpkin farm, so badly is located. Strength and peace vibes to beautiful HMB and residents.

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  1. What a journey! Maybe the bedroom window looking out on a hallway could be an “opening” for trips into your imagination – using your mind’s eye to “see” beauty like you create with your hands in other mediums . . . a new blank “canvas” . . .

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