Bloganury- If I had a billion dollars?

Today’s prompt is what would I do if I had a billion dollars? I may not be very smart but I am very lucky as my son in New York City works in the international financial field with a high achieving background in Wealth Management. My first step would to lure him home to manage how to invest and bank most of those bucks for maximum security.
My second step would to gift all my family and close friends some money.
Not everyone in my circle is doing poorly, some friends & family already have big wealth. I’d still gift them too, remembering their generosity when going out with me. Ive been treated to way more meals, concerts and fabulosity than I probably deserved.
I think of my mom’s maxim “It’s not a problem if you can throw money at it”…..So, many of my friends have some issue that not having the money to solve the issue is causing a problem. I would love for those I love to get past solvable problems.
Now, I guess, is when I reveal how I would change my own life with so much money.
I’d have a car service to come and drive me around.
I might have that driver take me into San Francisco where I would be looking to lease or buy a studio/loft/gallery. I would hang all my pieces as well as my artist friend’s stuff too.

We would get another house closer to my parent’s. I know, we just moved out here a few years ago, but now my dad is having trouble with his health (a problem you can only throw so much money at). That house would be just like the one we have but with a really great enormous kitchen and a greenhouse for my husband. Hmmm, might need a bigger yard and someone to help maintain all the rescue animals (not too many!) we might take in.

I’m interested in several nonprofit projects and expect that I will have some money put into a charitable trust to fund projects that I believe will be beneficial.

There are always concerts and travel that we look forward to. …but the extra coin would have us playing in the top tier of vip experiences. As a guest, I have enjoyed samples of that tier. Very fun but not worth blowing your retirement savings on.

I’m not feeling so much would change in my day to day routine. I’m happy to make art in my home studio and listen to YouTube and drink cocoa most of time. And on that note (I am full of cliches today), I will end today’s blog! Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

What would we do with a billion dollars?

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