Defining Success

My first thought when pondering “How do you define Success?” Is that success is the completion of a goal. A successful individual has completed their goals.

My adult children are examples. The older two completed their education and initial professional goals and are successfully moving forward with personal goals and growth. The youngest is working toward his occupational goal while successfully completing his creative goal of putting out albums of sounds and music on cloudify and Apple Music. Okay, enough veiled mom bragging, but their happiness is my success !!! My main personal goal was for these children of mine to be happy adults. Of all the goals I have had, the kids becoming thriving adults was the most important and challenging. As each child grew more independent and made big decisions for themselves, I slowly felt a little weight lift off from the heart. I’m proud to see the little and big successes that just don’t come from luck or wishes but from working on goals, professional, personal, creative and health oriented.

Meanwhile, it’s still pouring rain here in Marin County, California and my goal for today is to take a break from stitching and de clutter my work table . We’ll see if I can successfully get that done?

Glub Glub from the North Bay!
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