Bloganuary- Has a Book Changed your Life?

“When it rains, it pours” is happening right now, here in Marin. If I wasn’t busy working on my little canvas series, I’d be reading. Today’s subject asks “Has a book changed your life? Aside from the book I wrote ( not life changing but more of a self esteem level up 😁) a lot, LOTS of books have influenced my perspective and perhaps caused tiny changes in thought that blossomed into the wonderful person I am today. I’m joking but there are some books that did keep me motivated and inspired. One that I will recommend to anyone who wants to express their art is Julia Cameron’s “The Artist Way”. It’s a guide book with assignments in it designed to help the artist/reader grow into a more confident and engaging artist 🧑🏽‍🎨. I still have my copy of it. I first bought an audio cassette of a lecture by Julia Cameron which I loved so much that I returned to the book store to find her book. I worked my way through the book and enjoyed it so much that I ended up joining an Artist Way book group. We met once a week and discussed the chapters and challenges.

As for literature and poetry,I will always first reach for a book by a woman author. I started a series of my favorite lady authors and while I have more to create, below are some that I admire.

Amanda Gorman
Anne Frank
Jane Austen
Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Anne Rice
Amy Tan
Anais Nin
Maya Angelou
Lang Leav
Postcards from the edge- Carrie Fisher
Virginia Wolfe
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