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How far back in my family tree, can I go?

My great grandfather Ben sits at the head with my great grandmother Molly on his side. Assorted relatives fill up the rest of the table.

Sil was my birth father. He left my mom and me when I was a baby. My mom remarried when I was small and my current Dad is the only father I knew until I was in my 30’s and discovered that the birth father existed. Family secrets and the drama of this discovery caused a stir for awhile but it has been 30 years and now, all is in open and good. Sil lived his life without me and I found an obit for him a couple years ago. Still no memory of him. I’m in touch with my previously secret father’s family. I’ve got so many cousins and aunts who provided information on this family’s history that was so helpful but there was still a big mystery on my great grandmother, who had died when my grandmother was young. Nobody could remember her name! Not a big surprise as my father’s parents were only briefly married to each other and went on to other marriages, some unrecorded and info from just what could be scores of step and half cousins. No paperwork for anything. Records left behind in little Mexican pueblos. I made it my mission to find her and so, I dug thru a zillion records and finally, found her via one of her daughter’s border crossing cards. Her name was on it out with the word “Deceased” scrawled over her photo. I was so excited to tell my aunts and cousins I found her . Her name was Petra Uranday of Baja, California.

My great Grandmother Petra and great grandfather Augustin Escobedo from my father’s mother’s side in the top photo. His family records go back to Spain & France in to the 1300s, includes all sorts of conquistadors and an Aztec royalty!
Below them is a picture of my grandfather’s indigenous grandmother Simone Bravo.

Am I losing track of the assignment? I found I liked looking thru records and via many moon premium genealogy memberships, I continued on to take looks of all my family branches. Both sides of my family were full of secrets and mysteries but not all can be traced very far. I was able to track my Uranday & Escobedo roots back to Basque, Spain, France and The New World in Mexico. Records kept going back and back to conquistadors and then someone married an Aztec daughter of Montezuma. Very exciting and I am not sure how much further a person can go back beyond the 1300s? Grateful for Spain’s excellent records.

My mother’s family is harder to get records on. They all came from Eastern Europe. Records aren’t clear and all the names changed. And of course, more secrets. I won’t waste more time on secrets but can happily tell you that I was able to find (great results from Polish Jewish community records) my great great grandmother Rosie Margulskee’s (my nana’s paternal grandmother) and generations going back to the early 1700s Pryzsnanz Poland. The tree was already in the records!! Rosie’s family had lived in that town since before the Jews had surnames! In the records, until mid 1700’s, the name of the town was the surname.

Okay, if you followed along with me, you deserve to have an incredibly wonderful Sunday!

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