#Bloganuary Why do I write?

I’m not a writer but am an artist and often required to write about my work. In 2018, I was asked to write a book on my process of stitching on stretched canvas. My publishers were very helpful in guiding me through the process of creating my book. Having written over 30 years of lesson plans, I felt capable that I could do the book. And so I did it! I met every deadline and while I could have worked on a larger word count, I offered lots of photos. As my book was mainly instructional, it wasn’t as difficult to write as it would’ve been if it were short stories or a novel. I had to write a little bit about myself and that was the hardest part. I can put together blogs on yarn and artful processes but I am still struggling writing Artist Statements and critiques.

I wrote most of my book at this spot
“The Laundry “ on Mission Street in San Francisco, fueled on yummy donuts and Lavender lattes.

This brings me to Bloganuary and why I am here for it. I’m hoping that the test of daily writing on topics not of my choice, will improve my ability and depth in expressing not just my thoughts but also, my ability to write about my art. Thanks for reading along today.

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