#Bloganuary-What Brings Me Joy?

Wow! How do I narrow down all the things that bring me joy to a single blog?   I am easily made joyful.  Today, it’s only 10 AM but I have experienced moments of joy already.  I managed to sleep in later than usual. I awoke to both my dogs and the cat nestled close to me, deep sleeping,warm and cozy.  These are my babies for my old age.  Petting my sleepy creatures, I consider today’s activities and the joy that comes from choosing how I will spend the day, is another moment of joy.  Should I clean or create? Should I paint or stitch?  Read or listen to music – both create joy for me. There’s so many things to do that make me happy. Maybe I’ll play outside in the rain with the dogs (if I can get them out!)?

Art supplies are on the way!  Today!!!My regular blog readers already know about the joy I get from art supplies and particularly yarn. It’s not just about possessing these things, but truly about what I will do with them.  It’s about waking up my potential creativity that is the root of this joy.   I am one of those that can immediately enter the flow or the zone of letting (some say) spirit or inner consciousness direct or guide me in process.  I believe most people have this experience or ability in their own unique way.  

I know artists and one of them, the most famous stated that “seeking joy” was his only goal.  At the time I heard this, I didn’t understand it because this dude had it all – outstanding talent, a beautiful loving family, fame and fortune, but, he was still “seeking joy”.

Now, as I have been taking this moment to consider Joy,  I think my famous artist, like me needs,wants, Seeks and finds that joy(zone, flow, ecstasy) in every pursuit.

May we all find our peace and happiness in seeking joy.  

And with the sound of a delivery (crystals!) I wish you a joyful day!!

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