#Bloganuary- What is your earliest memory?

Back in the 80’s, realizing that Art Teachers weren’t going to be required in public schools, I went into ECE . That’s Early Childhood Education and so I became a preschool teacher. In my reading for ECE, I learned that most humans can only remember infancy/childhood AFTER they’ve learned language to describe their experiences.

My own earliest memories actually do coincide with my having been a very verbal two year old. I lived with grandparents when I was two. My mom came and went as she was only around twenty, worked several jobs and lived with my aunt “downtown” to be closer to work. She had no financial help from my birth father or his family. My earliest memory is a tough one but it won’t go away. My earliest memory is my grandparents screaming at her and her sobbing as though her heart was broken. I can even remember what I was thinking or saying to get her to stop crying. I told her she was beautiful and I didn’t like nana and grandpa anymore because they were so mean to her. There are many softer memories and sound bytes that bubble up, and I have no clue what the commotion that caused my mom to melt down was about, our family went on.

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