Blog post January 1st, 2023
What is something you want to achieve this year?

First, I found the prompt in an email addy, I hadn’t checked before. Sorry to my regular Blog followers for my rant. Now, I get it and here goes.
I just ended my 64th year ad a moving towards 65. My main goal is to keep on keeping on in good health and good intentions, stay optimistic and inspired. I have been intending to open an online gallery shop of my small canvases and people portraits. I will only do this if my husband will work with me as he’s got sales, marketing and math skills far beyond my own. What creator doesn’t dream of just creating and not having to be an art marketing expert to make enough to purchase the next ball of yarn or box of paints? I would also like to make a few more art achievements that are only known to me. I have no resolutions except to stay positive throughout whatever 2023 brings. Cheers until tomorrow.

PS- I did start all this yesterday on a PAGE but the page idea is not working out for e on my 2004 desktop computer. I guess I will be adding the daily bits of blog here. I did begin today’s blog but WP wiped it out and I can’t find it on the draft. I will rethink/write and add it later.

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