How Are You Brave?, is the prompt for today.
I’m not super confrontational but I have managed to find the courageous pieces inside me when needed and I am usually very SURPRISED after an event, on how well I responded. I’ve been cornered more than a few times in nefarious situations, but something inside me pushed back and I was able to talk or run to get out of danger.
The wacky part of my being brave”in the moment”, such as when a loved one is in crisis and it’s up to me to be strong, comes months later.
After 6 or so years where deep personal crises hit one after another, I was fine during the thick of it ,but one day, out of the blue, after all the crises were resolved, I started trembling whilst driving to my job. I’ve been downhill since. The driving anxiety has been with me since I learned to drive, but never had I experienced anything like the terror of being in a car these last couple years.
Lately, every time I have to go somewhere in a car, is me being brave. I’m assured therapy would help me but that’s a whole new level of being brave for me.

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