Here We Go!!

Happy New Year!

At the moment, I am pretty frustrated with WP. I was/am looking forward to bloganuary which begins today but where is the prompt? I will not use the normal “Daily” prompt because it’s stupid and negative. “what relationships have a negative impact on you?”. Come on!

Uh, no not a fun subject to start off with and instead you get a grumpy, hungover growl from me! To make it even stupider, no helpers online because of the holiday. Also, when I signed up to receive bloganuary prompts, I kept getting back to sign up for another WordPress site.

So, for bloganuary 1st, you get a little rant and a regular blog. My bloganuary writing was going to be posted in my “pages”. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. On with my blog here!

I had the birthday and am absolutely thrilled to be 64. My son in NYC and his Girl sent me a huge box of breakfast delights from ZABAR’S on Broadway.

My kid may not still need me but he’s still feeding me! What a thoughtful treat!

So, we didn’t end up going out for brunch which was great because our WATER heater broke down! Exactly one week after (on Christmas eve) our FURNACE broke down!! And the week before that, Scott’s car had to have the gas pump replaced! Mercury in Gatorade!!!

I did make it to Michael’s big box art supply and it was a horrible disappointment! It’s been a long time but it has less arts and crafts and more home furnishings and JUNK than ever before. I couldn’t find much for inspiration

No inspirational birthday finds at Michael’s. I guess they’re only good for bulk buys of essentials like stretched canvas . Great deal if you can find decent 🧶 but they really had nothing that I can’t get for less.

I replaced a few pens and got a frame for my ArtSpan poster

A frame for my poster- the highlight of my art endeavors was receiving a finalist spot for ArtSpan’s creative collateral campaign. I love ArtSpan.
I bought a pack of alcohol inks for the colors. Nice background for a face or skull.

I overcame my disappointment (some of it) when I got home by shopping online for more mystery packages of beads. I looked at all kinds of yarn but didn’t find and couldn’t be lured into purchasing any because I really have all I need. While online and looking to spend, I received email letting me know it’s time to pay up for my 2023 Women’s Caucus for the Arts membership. There’s still birthday coupons and certificates to spend and I look forward to some online shopping later today. To cure the chill of not having hot water today. 🥳

Every birthday of mine, I challenge Scott to make a special cake. This year I chose JessicaWang’s Mile High Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cake. Here’s her version from the Holiday Baking Championship. I’m not a huge fan of minty desserts but crushed candy canes aren’t overly minty.
And here’s my cake made by my handsome husband.

The cake was delicious! The topping was Swiss Meringue with marshmallow crème flambe! The layers were chocolate chiffon cake (very light and perfect) and rich buttercream with crushed candy canes. Chocolate ganache on the out side. I just had some for breakfast!

At last the rain has subsided here in Marin County, California! Cake for breakfast for a sweet new year!

Hopefully, the water heater guys are coming soon and hopefully, I can get some answers to find out what the deal is with bloganuary too.

Cheers to you! Thanks for checking out my blog!!

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