Will ya still feed me, will you still need me…

I cannot believe I’m turning 64 in a couple days! My birthday is the last day of the year for most people but it’s the start of a fresh new one for me!!! None of my favorite musicians are playing this year so, it’s to be a cozy night for me. The plan is to go out for brunch at one of the local restaurants that we have not been to. I’ll then be dropped off at Michael’s arts and crafts- the big box art store for a craft supply spree. I have only been inside a Michael’s twice in the last 2 years and then it was to pick up items ordered online. I don’t need a single thing but am looking forward to finding things to trigger my inspiration. I am thinking of hunting for little embellishments to grace my upcoming series of tiny canvases. In the early part of 2023, I’m hoping to set up an online shop for the smaller embroideries. By small, I mean 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 8×8, 10×10 inch canvases. My husband, who has been in retail sales for 40 years (Pawn Broker!) will deal with shipping, marketing and purchases. I just want to create!

Well, once again, WP has hidden the area to post captions for photos. Above are samples of the little canvases I’m putting together. I will always be wanting to go HUGE but storage and shipping is problematic.

Above is the last large finished canvas I made last week. “Mariposa” is 24″x24″ and I added some copper butterflies.

Above is a message I received on my ART Page on Facebook! I think the subscribers there are mostly personal friends and the rest are other art fans. If you’re a fb follower, THANK YOU!!
I have no upcoming exhibits in the near future, I have some aspirations and we shall see if anything comes to fruition but in the meantime, I will be participating in the Bloganuary Word Press challenge to write a blog each day in response to a prompt. Because I’m doubtful that many of the prompts will have to do with stitching, I will post my daily prompt on a Page I have added titled “Bloganuary” . It is a hope that daily writing will help me go a little deeper than I do when writing about yarn and art shows. I will still add Artful embroidery topics in this blog.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll be back to show you my highly anticipated birthday haul from Michael’s!

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