Finally Back!

Everything was so nice last time I was blogging. I couldn’t show you how the rest of my 2nd quickie cat project turned out as I needed to prepare myself for a party. Just as we were getting onto the freeway, again the car died!! This time we were able to coast to the shoulder of the freeway as before , we immediately called 911 who put us in touch with the CHP and triple AAA(this happened last month also on the freeway). It took a whole hour for a tow truck to arrive. We managed to get dropped off at our house. Scott took my car and made it to the party – I was really cold from the hour in the car and only wanted to be in my bed. My car anxiety was exhausting and I missed out…….but, Scott brought home a ton of Eros yarn that the party host has been saving for me.

Over 50 balls of Eros Glitz yarn from Italy! And about 10 balls of cotton yarn
I am excited to dig in to this yarn.
So much!!!

Back to Glitter Cat

Here’s the filled in glitter cat background.
Here’s a look of the Eros yarn stitched over the background.
He needs to dump that car!

Thanks for checking out this blog! I will be back soon to share how my current big canvas is going.

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