Another Quick Cat Project

I need to get ready for a party!!! But I think I have just enough time to add this project?

Hopefully, you saved the clip Art cat from a few days ago. You will also need a fancy paper for the cat. I am using a piece of glitter paper from a pad of glitter paper that I bought at CVS in the kid’s toy section. Of course, thread or yarn and the usual stuff- needles, yarns, a small canvas . Scissors, a marker or pen. A glue stick …

I save any clip art that I have used before. Here’s the cat from a few blogs ago. Also a piece of glitter paper.
I trace the cat onto my glitter paper. I will cover the excess paper with yarn when I fill it in.
I did pre poke the holes along the outline on the glitter side – I didn’t need to but it’s helpful in showing where I dabbed some glue stick that will keep Glitter Kitty in place while I z stitch.
Careful stitching with not a huge needle on the dark line.
I have the cat on the canvas- that’s a dollar store
6”x8” canvas.

I’m sorry that is all the time I have right now! My cat canvas is ready to be filled in. I will show you it completed next blog!

Before I go, here’s my face for my next big canvas which is being shipped. Have a fun night!!

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