A Quick Cat Project!

Hi there!

I promised I’d return with a little project that’s not too stressing and here I am! This project’s tote requires 3 different colors of yarn, miniskeins are good or leftover yarn 🧶. Needles, an 8×8 in stretched canvas or fabric in a hoop that will fit a 6×6 inch area for stitching. Snippets or scissors, a ruler or something with a straight edge. You can make a cat template , info on that below. If using stretched canvas, gently poke needles along the edge so you easily can see where the edges of your stitching area is.

3 skeins or partial skeins of yarn is all the yarn you will need.

I realize most of you don’t already have an 8”x8” stretched canvas lying around nor a Dritz European Darning needle, but it will make following along easier. If you use a hoop, I’ll leave it to you to work this out. The design I’m going with is actually 6×6 inches as the stretched canvas has supports that can’t be stitched into. You see how is from the photo above. So, if using a hoop, maybe draw a 6 x6 inch square inside a larger hoop to get a square embroidery that may be wrapped on support or made into a patch that can be used on a pillow, quilt or clothing.

There’s all sorts of ways to get a cat’s silhouette- free clip art is the quickest but you can also cut out a picture of a cat and just trace the outline.

Next, find a cat’s silhouette and make sure the size will fit in the 6×6 inch area of the stretched canvas

This cat will be a purrrrrrfect fit . I’m showing you the back of my stretched canvas and you can see that’s about a 6 inch area that is where stitching is done.

Whether you downloaded a clip Art silhouette or traced a photo of a cat 🐈‍⬛ (you could even enlarge that cat emoji to fit), the next step is to decide where to fit it in on the canvas. I placed my cat not on the very bottom so he/she/it would be “framed” in by the city silhouette. Kitty is just a little bit above the edge of the scene.

To create a city 🏙️ silhouette, you can return to the clip art but really, just grab a ruler (keep line’s straight) and draw a skyline of different size rectangles, squares and maybe add a triangle to the top of one of the rectangles. Here you can see needle holes that I poked so I knew where the support bars were.
I chose black chenille to fill the cat in with. I still have a ton of “Enchanted Forest” yarn from Purple Lamb. It’s a yarn with a lot of sparkle in variegated tones of mostly greens. I just had a small ball of “Sheri” by malabrigo but the variegated blend of blues and black were just exactly right for my night 🌌 sky.

Now, the best part is sitting back and filling it all in!! Going away for the holidays? It’s a project (once the design is on the canvas!!) that will keep your hands busy while riding in a plane, train & automobile. Or while watching television.

So that’s my ridiculously quick and basic stitching project for today. My book has a lot more projects and options for stitching on stretched canvas so do go grab it if you don’t have it. I also included directions on how to make a cover for the back of the stretched canvas and lots of tips for easier stitching. There’s also a section on stitching that I worked on to make clear how to do the most basic stitches.

Thanks for following along! I’m coming back tomorrow or Wednesday to show off the Premier Yarn order (coming today!) and also another mystery bead bag but my first mystery beads from Amazon.

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