Kaleidoscope & Delicate Sparkle

Happy December 2022!!!

It’s been a little longer than usual between blogs but I spent solid blocks of my time working on my brand new canvas “Kaleidoscope”. I had just started stitching the face when I last blogged and now, it’s finished. Yay!

WordPress has moved things around and suddenly, there’s no box to add captions to images posted. Above, is a montage of the different sages of progress on Kaleidoscope. I only did the face on a 16″x20″ canvas. That face then got added to the larger 30″x 30″ canvas. I ended up using one of the “One of a kind” mystery skeins from the Jimmy Beans mystery bag. I’m not sure if it’s pink or light red but it seemed right and I used it for hair. I might have been listening to some good old Beatles when I started drawing diamond shapes on the background. I was always going to put some mirrors in there and some more fooling around with bits of aluminum. Then, I grabbed some soft blue yarn that I received last year from Sharyl. The yarn was “Heritage” by Cascade and it was super lovely to use. I understand it came from The Loopy Ewe which is in Colorado but also has an online shop at https://www.theloopyewe.com/https://www.theloopyewe.com/https://www.theloopyewe.com/

I went and doodled with the blue yarn all over the canvas, but I
felt the background needed to be BRIGHT. Of course, I poked around through my massive collection of yarn and nothing was as bright as desired. I eventually made it over to Amazon to find the cheapest stuff I could. Lo and Behold, I found BRIGHT annnnd CHEAP yarn!! And only had to wait a couple of days for it to be delivered. Wanna see it?

Without even being in full light, you can see the vividness of the colors. Delicate Sparkle by Magenta is the name and it’s a set of 10 colors- they show you which colors at the ad and that’s it. No other colors but what you get in your Delicate Sparkle assortment. I liked the yarn for the brightness and the lightness (acrylic). I will also add that it is very thin- Lace Weight but it’s strong and never broke or got weird on me. The “sparkle” is a thread of mylar or some other polyester and at times it could get a little problematic when the thread would unwind itself from the yarn. I just would take a few seconds and pinch it back in place. Not a real problem but letting you know.

Here is Kaleidoscope (which I just learned how to spell). I’ll be working on my little canvases and cleaning up my studio- huge mess! And still waiting on all that yarn I ordered from Premier Yarn a few weeks ago. It’s on the way but it was a week before they slapped a shipping label on it and right now, it’s still in North Carolina. BOOOOO!!! The only redemption is that it was a really great sale and I snagged some hard to find threads. I’ll show you if it ever gets here!!
I will be back soon – maybe I’ll post a small project anyone can try?
Cheers to everyone being cheery and celebrating the season. There’s our Desh nosing around my newest Crystal installation. It’s super sparkly when the sun is out.
As ever, Thanks for checking out my blog.

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