Yarn is on Sale!!

I can’t find the glittery black on black, but I was so happy to order it on Premier Yarns, where it is on SALE!

It’s a tricky business, navigating through all the online yarn sales. A girl could spend every nickel on enlarging her yarn collection at great discounts! Alas, it’s also holiday shopping season and a girl must make decisions on how much yarn may be added before going crazy. If a girl is lucky, someone on her gifting list also wants yarn. In that case, spending hours looking at yarn sales can be justified. In my case, I purchased my gifts to give back in October. The kid (and girlfriend)in NYC and the kid( & husband)in San Jose have already been sent those holiday goodies. The home boys, youngest kid and hubbo gifts are hidden for now. I’m delighted to have enough funds left for a little yarn splurge. Maybe not so little, lol! Bwa Ha Ha.
My first splurge was at Premier Yarns. I found this website after googling for a yarn by Nazli Gelin that I adore called “Garden 10”. It’s more a crochet thread but it is black with shiny black thread wrapped around it and is unique. I found it only at Premier Yarns and all my other Universal Yarn at huge discount! My universal is on sale for only $1.99 a ball! I stocked up on all the universal and Nazli Gelin I could! So satisfying!
Let’s find a link-

And still, I felt the need for more yarn!! I poked and thought a lot about what I wanted. I could not choose! But, I wanted MORE and sales! Sales everywhere! I don’t know how I ended up at old Jimmy Beans but I saw “Black Friday Deals “ and found myself adding “MadTosh One of a kinds, Wildcards”. You know I love a mystery bag and the “wild cards” are mystery skeins and the claim is that each skein is one of a kind. These one of a kind skeins are available in 1. Cool Tones 2. Warm Tones 3. Neutral and 4. Wildcard- multicolored/speckled. So, I am waiting on 2 wildcards, 1 cool wildcard and 1 warm wildcard. The sweet thing is these Skeins usually cost $29.50, but as a wildcard, are $17.50.

The Mystery Mad Tosh is here! Good Old Jimmy Beans is centered in Reno and that means it only takes a couple days from ordering to delivery.

I’m not sorry but I would’ve preferred more variegated skeins.

I’m not sure if I will use any of these new yarns on my current work in progress. I might hold out for something else, I better have a think 🤔 on it.

Current work in progress is waiting for a larger canvas to be delivered.

Thanks for checking out the blog.

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