Happy Thanksgiving

Despite having well over a quarter of Native American in my DNA, I grew up celebrating Thanksgiving. My Jewish family relating more to being like Pilgrims as so many generations had to re-establish lives in new countries in new circumstances. I refer to ancestors forced out of Eastern Europe via pogroms and leaving Nazi occupied Europe.
My favorite long weekend of the year. remains TG!
It was a short school week with classroom parties and in teen years, a weekend of parties, football and Homecoming dances. How I love mash potatoes and pumpkin pie
I even went on my first date on the Friday after TG. The boy met me at the brand new BART station (it’s our subway) and we went to a car show. lol, not very romantic but I ended up going to the boy’s Senior Prom in Carmel, CA. which was a very fancy deal held at a golf course clubhouse, somewhere on the famed 17 mile drive..
… Back to TG,. I’d get to see my one set of cousins, my one Aunt & one Uncle. And my grandparents. It was a nice time. After marrying Scott, we started going to Folsom, California to spend the holiday hosted by Scott’s sisters’ family. Again, a fun time for our children, including my Jason, child of my first marriage,to bond with our new family as an honorary cousin. I think for the last 14 or 15 years, we spend the day back with my family at my sister’s beautiful home. This year was a little different as my Pop has fallen again and now is back at the same care facility that he was just released from a month ago.

My dad may be stuck in a care facility for a few weeks but at least there’s this amazing view of the Pacific Ocean from his room.

We couldn’t NOT see him on TG, so , Scott packed up mashed potatoes, smoked turkey and a whole bunch of yummy baked desserts and we brought it to him. We had a good visit though he was in some pain. We found the football channel and when he seemed to be getting sleepy, we left. He did let us video him so he could wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. He promised to be back at the table with us next TG. I sure hope for that.

We finished off the holiday again, at my sister’s house. Wonderful to see everyone there and afterwards, my daughter and her husband and their dog Luca, came to our place to spend the night and relax until late Friday when they left us for their second feast with my wonderful son-in-law’s huge family.

In news of YARN, I finally got around to checking out a new (to me) online shop. As much as I meant to look into my Pinterest Wish List (so many, many choices!), I gave in to the Purple Lamb shop that’s been saturating my Facebook feed. (I’m stoopid. I ought to know better than buy anything from a FB ad- almost always a bad choice)
I simply saw yummy yarn that I think will work fabulously on my next larger canvas (a 30″x30″ is on the way to me, right now!). On my first order, I managed to add the wrong yard to my cart. Instead of paying in one of my normal exchanges, Shopify or something like that SWOOPED in and confused me. I had two dumb issues to figure out. Who did I pay and how to change my order. As usual, I got into crazy panic mode. Within moments of receiving a confirmation e-mail, I was writing to Purple Lamb and quickly received attention from the shop owner, Carla Hanson. Ms. Hanson worked it out and all was good again. So good, that the next day, I returned to Purple Lamb and ordered a couple of mini-skeins and another full glittery yarn in another set of colors.
And now today, all the yarn arrived at once so, let me show it to you!!

so soft, so rich and so glittery!! Purple Lamb offers an option for a free lavender ball, I love lavender and could smell my packages as soon as I opened my mailbox. All the white dots on the yarn are actually where the glittery strands are visable. It will be so much fun to use. I added a few mini skeins in colors I am running low on.
A sweet selection of yarn female owned and operated. Quick shipping and an instant reply to my concerns after purchasing. Looking forward to returning here.
Scan with your phone camera and you will be at Purple Lamb!

I also have been adding to my crystal trees and you know I like surprises so I ordered another mystery bag of beads

I like to be surprised but this wasn’t such a great bag.
Not enough glass beads and way too much stone things that aren’t useful. I’m done ✔️ with this option.
The next big canvas will be her home. I am using the chenille that I bought at the Senior Center flea market.

I am about to run out the door to retrieve all the little canvases I ordered from the dollar tree. If you order in bulk online and choose to pick the order up from the shop- there’s no shipping! It’s how I keep prices reasonable for my smallest embroideries.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I will be back soon with updates on my next bigger canvas and you know me, I’m probably gonna spend some more time & money 💰 on supplies.

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