What a wonderful San Francisco Open Studios experience that was!!!!! While I am weirdly shy (at least on the inside) when meeting art lovers, this was just really nice. It was very special that some of my collectors came by to see or meet me and to check out my recent pieces. Everyone was so kind. I had the chance to meet and converse with most of the other artists. There was even an exchange of works that made me so happy!!!

Above, on the right was my set up for the reception, which was 11/11 6-9pm. I had lots of my small works in the crate & bag under the table. The artist next to me was the great Joseph Abbati with his erotica which was a tribute to the EROS SEX CLUB, as the Artfuse building was known in the past.

I made the most of the space I had. And I sold out of all my tiny canvases that were hung in bags with tiny easels in each bag. There were more in the crate and most of them also sold. Lots of nice feedback on my work for which I am extremely grateful. I had a few copies of my book and the journals for sale here too. The reception was nice, more low key than the ARTFUSE SF launch party but still a full house with food and beverages on site. And Musician Genie played guitar in the “Crystal” room.

Saturday morning we were back in time to set up for the Open Studio visitors.
We had so many visitors!!! My big canvases garnered a lot of praise but it was the little ones that sold.
On Sunday, we were excited to return- I packed up some more of my small canvases and we hit the road around 10 AM to make it to ARTFUSE SF by 11 AM. My pets were not happy about any of this but now that they have been together for a couple of months, they do okay home without humans.
If your a regular reader, you are aware I have been battling automobile anxiety. Driving and being in a moving car makes me very tense. So, I wasn’t happy that traffic was moving so slowly…. While we idled in the fastest lane, the car died. It would not start back up! If there wasn’t major traffic (from an accident ahead), I’m pretty sure someone would’ve hit us. A few times the traffic lightened up and cars started going a little more speedily and I was frozen with fear.

At last, the CHP showed up (we called 911 and AAA) and blocked oncoming traffic while pushing our car across 3 lanes to the soft shoulder of the road. Minutes later the tow truck showed up. We were taken all the way back to the hometown garage to leave the broken car to be fixed. The tow truck driver was kind and dropped us back off at the house. We played with the pets for a few moments. Then, Got into my car and traveled back toward the city.
So, I was a few hours late, but, lo and behold, my favorite collector was waiting for me by my artwork!!! I was still dazed from all the car drama, but it was really great that this sweet man found me. My listing is the very last listing in the 2022ArtSpan guide. Even I wondered if they hadnt put me in until I found it.


The whole rest of the day flew by!! Two more ladies that collect my pieces also came in and made purchases.
By the afternoon, I became a pro at accepting sales via Venmo. My shyness was taken over with all the adrenaline from the car breakdown. I was sorry when it was time to pack it all up as I found that I liked talking about art with everyone- other artists as well as everyone looking at or purchasing art. Thanks so much for coming out if you, reading this, were there! Below, I will add more pictures of the building during SFOS. As always, thank you for coming by!

Sometimes the lights are shining on me!
Other times I can barely see! fun in the black light room.
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