The Blue Waves

I’ll admit, I was crazy with nervous energy a few days before the Mid Term elections. I hated mainstream media predictions and let my YouTube astrologers, tarot readers and other mystics run on automatic as I prepped my canvases for Open Studios. All of the seers I listened to predicted the opposite of the mainstream…there would be a blue wave. I concentrated on the “Blue Waves” and painted as I listened to the last of the predictions leading up to election night.

My daughter gave me this huge heavy duty canvas – 36x48x2 inches! I used acrylic paint and that’ glass bead medium on the pink sweater(Liquitex & Gold paint companies sells Glass Bead medium).
Somebody recently asked me why I stitch (which takes such a long time and sometimes gives me tendonitis) instead of paint. The easiest way to explain why, is that painting is stressful for me and stitching is soothing.
I’ll be back very soon to blog about last weekend which was, at long last, a great experience!

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