Here it comes!! SFOS Weekend 4!

That’s my weekend!

I’m bringing my biggest canvases to the most historic and unusual venue in the Castro!!
Finishing up the backsides!
My book “Artful Embroidery on Canvas” published 2020 by C&T Publications has a whole chapter on how I finish the backs. Here’s some of the supplies I use.

It’s been a quietly busy week. Scott had hernia surgery on Thursday and has been resting up. Which is good because the big SFOS weekend is coming up! This is the year I’ll be hanging out with my art! Usually, my art is placed in a business but this time, we will be there. With lots of other fun artists 👩‍🎨. I showed a glimpse of the ArtfuseSF building a few blogs ago, with many crazy rooms (one just for black light)and so on.

It’s been 8 years since Scott’s buddy Stephen Desher passed from Cancer. It’s been 8 weeks that we’ve had his namesake St Stephen Desher Schlesinger, also known as “Desh“ .

I will be back soon with more SFOS news!

Thanks for coming by!

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