Hello to You and November 2022,

It’s the rare cloudy drizzly morning here in Novato, California. No one wants to go hang crystals with me so, we are in the studio for now.

Today my work table has most of my Dia de Muertos items on it. The last years shrines took up all the surfaces in the studio but today, I fit most of it on one table (it’s a 10 ft long table).

A better explanation than I can give.

I haven’t taken as much time as usual to set up and add littlest details but I have added my recently passed loved ones names. It’s true, I cry every year when I set it up seeing everyone’s names and pictures. And again, I cry when I pack it up.

There are a few new pieces that I collected this year. I’m adding the pictures below.

The playground in honor of too many teacher friends who’ve passed on.
A big painted figure For my Onyx (I am still heartbroken) and a basketball bearing dog for every dog.
I have some things in common with Frida. Aside from abundance of facial hair, we both had one Jewish parent and one Hispanic parent. We are all passion, love our animals, art, colors, dreams and life.
A little wedding scene. I’m not sure what happened to the protective glass.
I am grateful to my sweet 2nd cousin for sharing photos of our ancestors with me. The woman in the round frame was my great-great grandmother Simone Bravo. Looks like a lot of my indigenous dna maybe been through her lineage.
My in-laws passed away many years ago. Long before they passed, a friend of theirs recreated the Schlesinger kitchen in miniature. This sweet diorama ended up with us and every ddm, it comes out.
BettyAnne, Laurie and Ruthie, gone way too soon.

That’s it for my shrine this year. Still adding names but probably should look for a way to keep adding names on a scroll maybe? I have been collecting names for the ddm for about 8 years.

In other news, I finished my Starry Night!!

Starry Night is finite!

Thanks for checking in! I will be back soon to share SF Open Studio festivities coming up!!! Another art party at ArtfuseSF on 11/11/22!!! Much more of my work including Starry Night will be there!!

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